Active Youth in Craco

cr1The youth exchange in Craco, from the the 7th to the 14th of July 2016, came to an end. We got to know the local reality of the “ghost town” meeting the Mayor and local authorities. We explored, through creative workshops (theatre and photography), the role of culture in small towns and created a common performance which was the final event open to the local community. During the project we had the chance to prepare the exhibition of the Turkish participant and photographer Bedran Takin. Continue reading


Craco is ready! You?

A group of young people from Norway, France, Malta, Slovakia and Turkey will soon join the Italian group in Craco. We are ready to make activities, discussions and meetings with stakeholders to try to understand how can creativity and cultural policies help young people to STAY in their small villages instead of leaving toward bigger cities. Municipality of Craco will show its experience and learn from other countries’ contribution.

Welcome to Craco

13403148_10153803416741676_1194088493915370369_oIn a few days participants will arrive to Craco! We are very excited to host the youth exchange involving 6 countries and 30 young people to work, discuss and make activities around the main topic of the project: depopulation.

Craco is a very small town and young people tend to leave, but not everybody. There is a group of young people who really believes that staying is the solution! How can we create opportunities for you young people living in small cities in Europe? We don’t have the answer yet, but we are searching for it!